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Our fitness philosophy here at Fitness by Example LLC is a simple one; little by little equals a lot. We will teach you the foundational principals of not just simply losing that unwanted body fat but to keep it off, permanently. We will show you in small incremental steps so you can incorporate them in your lifestyle so they will become second nature.

In today’s get-everything-quick society, we know this goes against the grain with how most of us think. I want to assure you that if your goal is to lose and keep that weight off, doing it quickly and using the latest diet or newest piece of ‘infomercial’ equipment, is doomed for failure! Please just think about it for a minute. If all those diets and gimmicks worked then how come so many of us are still overweight and the percentage is climbing every year?

We here at Fitness by Example want to empower you with the truth of lasting results. There is no magic bullet. What you need is the knowledge of these foundational principals and the determination to follow through what you have learned.

You are the reason why we are in business and we take this very seriously. We are dedicated to your success and we are committed to teaching you the fitness lifestyle so that in due time you will not ‘need’ us anymore. Our job is to help you take charge of your health and fitness regimen, so you are in control of your own life.

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