Feeling Hopeless? I Hope Not!

HOPE: The Difference Maker!

Nothings worse when there’s no end in sight! This is when the walls start to close in on you. The passion for life you once had has disappeared, you don’t even want to get out of bed.

Without hope this is what can happen to everyone of us. Since life is no easy joy ride, we are going to encounter major bumps in the road. From my experience if the “bump” is big enough, we can lose hope and this can result in a nasty tailspin of self-destruction.

For each person the “bump” that causes the feeling of hopelessness can be different. Since this message is about helping people get back into shape, we will call the “bump” being over weight and not being able to lose it no matter what we do.

As a personal trainer I have seen this scenario many times: someone comes in for their first training session wanting to get back into shape but I can see by their attitude that deep down inside, he or she feels there is no chance to be able to do it. This is their last ditch effort in an attempt to get rid of that 40 pounds, or whatever their problem may be. They have a variety of reasons in their minds about why they cannot do it.

However, what they fail to realize is they do have some hope hidden somewhere inside of themselves: otherwise, they would not have come to see me.

Have you ever felt this way or maybe this is the way your feeling at this moment! Please I am begging you to understand the truth of the matter. If you are engaging in a fitness or training program of any kind more than half the battle is won!! This no exaggeration! Why can I say this with such confidence? Because you have hope!! You still believe you can achieve your goals. As long as you don’t quit and you are engaged in a program that is designed to work you cannot fail!

Part of my job as your trainer is when I first meet you to always be instilling hope in your heart. For with this hope you will continued to be strengthened so you can start to believe you will achieve your fitness goals!

Like the old saying goes you “achieve what you believe”, but that starts first with hope!

There is one undeniable fact and this has been with every one of my clients that hit their goals.  That no matter how low they got, how depressed they may have felt, they didn’t quit!!

This is hope!! Now this is also faith. Faith is directly tied to hope because without hope we have no faith.

So my friend continue your fitness journey with confidence, joy and renewed strength!! 

Hang on to that hope!


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