The hardest part of the preparation is preheating the oven! Pizza is my favorite meal with all of its veggies and….oops I think I’ve gone on long enough of this charade. Of course it’s not pizza unless you don’t care about gaining fat, instead of losing it. My apologies if no one else found that amusing.

Now on to my favorite meal, honest. It is a home made chicken salad. Sorry no fancy name but I think you will love it just the same.

Before I go on any further I want to throw in a disclaimer.  This meal contains cocunut oil which by some medical experts say it is not healthy for you because of it saturated fat content.  While other medical authorities say it is excellent for you and will help burn body fat.  Please listen to what your personal physician recommends.

From my personal experience, my own body responds favorably with the addition of coconut oil to my diet. 

By the way the only thing I actually measure is the coconut oil and the chicken, I never measure the veggies. This salad is extremely healthy and also very filling and tastes delicious! Depending on how hungry I am will dictate how much vegetables I use for the salad. You really can’t go wrong with these veggies, they are excellent for helping your body raise it’s metabolism, also.
First sauté some onions, garlic, cilantro, red peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes in a tablespoon of coconut oil. Season to taste, I use sea salt, lemon pepper and adobo.

Since I buy my broccoli and green beans in bulk, they are frozen. I steam them, I find it tastes best when cooked this way. If you buy them fresh you can put them in the salad raw if you prefer.

Make sure and keep the heat on medium-low, because coconut oil cooks best in lower heat.

In a salad bowl add baby leaf spinach and put in the steam veggies and then pour the hot sautéed veggies over it.
I add 3 oz of cooked chicken breast that is diced into the salad mix and toss.

The chicken is already cooked because I cook it in bulk, so I’m not cooking all day long.

I add a little apple cider vinegar and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil as my salad dressing and toss in an ounce of raw almonds and that’s it! This literally takes me 15 minutes to make and this is what I eat for my last meal of the day over 80% of the time. I hope you like it.

Ingredients List

Almonds- 1 oz

Coconut oil- 1 Tbls







Green Beans

Baby Leaf Spinach

Sea Salt

Lemon Pepper


Apple Cider Vinegar

Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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