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All first time boot campers 1st WORKOUT IS FREE!

First Baptist Church of Tuscawilla, 4500 Dike Rd, Winter Park, 32792, 6am; 6:45am & 7:30 am | 5:30pm & 6:15pm

The Active Healthy Living Center at 8257 Narcoosee Park Dr., Orlando 32822, 12:15pm every Monday, Wednesday & Friday

  • Supplement FAQ's

    Date: January 17, 2013

    First, remember that as a society, our dietary habits have changed over the past couple of generations. A healthy diet consists of plenty of fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

  • It's Not Your Fault...or is it?

    Date: August 28, 2012

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I bring this message with hope and joy and especially in love. I know there are many of you reading this that have gotten in their present fitness condition through no fault of your own. Due to disease, injury, contraindication of medication, depression and other factors have caused your present state of unfitness. (Is that a word?)

  • Gods Word is Truth; Every Day is a Fresh Start!

    Date: August 18, 2012

    Psalm 145:14- The Message God gives a hand to those down on their luck, gives a fresh start to those ready to quit. Encouragement I am so grateful for God's Word! The message today is one of hope and this verse gives me tremendous hope and strength. Because it is so easy to just want to quit when things are tough and there seems to be no way out. In my profession as a fitness trainer I see this as one of the main reasons why we feel like we can't get back in shape or lose that unwanted fat we've accumulated over ...

  • Why aren’t you just doing it?

    Date: April 18, 2012

    Please think about what I am about to ask very seriously. Let's suppose you have a weight problem that you just can't seem to solve.  Would you pay a thousand dollars to take a magic pill (no folks it doesn't exist) that would guarantee to graciously take off all the excess fat and not only that but add lean muscle to your body?  Oh and did I mention the process would be effort free and take only seven days! Would you do it? Of course you would! Who wouldn't, right?  Well maybe those that couldn't afford it wouldn't do it.  But I'm reasoning that most of those people would somehow find a way to get that money! So what's ...

  • HOPE: The Difference Maker!

    Date: April 18, 2012

    Feeling Hopeless? I Hope Not! HOPE: The Difference Maker! Nothings worse when there's no end in sight! This is when the walls start to close in on you. The passion for life you once had has disappeared, you don't even want to get out of bed. Without hope this is what can happen to everyone of us. Since life is no easy joy ride, we are going to encounter major bumps in the road. From my experience if the “bump” is big enough, we can lose hope and this can result in a nasty tailspin of self-destruction. For each person the “bump” that causes ...

  • Awesome Abdominal Exercises for a Strong, Functional, and Sleek Waistline!

    Date: April 18, 2012

    Probably the most sought after look for men is the elusive 'six-pack' of abs, and for ladies is that tiny, trim waist, to help create that hour-glass figure. The following exercises are sure to strengthen your abdominals, obliques, and lower back. If coupled with the proper diet and aerobic exercise, you will have that cut, flat "washboard" look, you so desire. I want you to be aware that these exercises in themselves will not allow you to see that chiseled look you’re after. It’s only when you are able to get your bodyfat down low enough, that you’ll finally “find” those ...

  • Awareness is the Key!!

    Date: April 18, 2012

    Awareness: It All Starts with God's Word! Anytime we are attempting to improve our life such as wanting to quit smoking, or wanting to lose weight, or wanting to start living a healthier lifestyle, whatever it is, change is going to be required. I hope that most of us realize this to be true.  Change has to take place if we want different results in our lives. However what I want us to focus on in this message is not the change rather what caused us to want to have that change in the first place. In other words why do we ...

  • What you must do!

    Date: April 18, 2012

    Lets face it losing unwanted weight aka fat is not easy in todays world of not enough time and too many unhealthy options to chose from. So I want to talk about planning, because proper planning can make the difference between loosing and keeping the fat off or not even losing anything to begin with. I want to talk about the nutrition aspect of the program because from what I've seen this seems to be what is tripping a lot of people up. I have clients who have tremendous work ethic and don't miss workouts and yet are not achieving the ...

  • 6 Things You can Start Right now to Jump Start Your Metabolism!

    Date: April 18, 2012

    It seems to me that the majority of people I see complain about having a slow metabolism. After having a conversation with them and after asking a few questions I have to agree with almost all of them that they do in fact suffer from a slow metabolism. So what I want to share with you is 6 things you can do right now to jump start that sluggish metabolism of yours and turn it into a fat burning machine, that is if you choose to do them. Now I must warn you these steps are simple, in fact so ...

  • Fitness by Example Boot Camp Rave Reviews

    Date: April 18, 2012

    Our boot camp is fun, exciting, challenging and all done in the great outdoors. We never do the same workout twice! If you enjoy working out with others who are of like mind and want to see results then this boot camp is for you!

  • Fitness by Example Outdoor Boot Camp

    Date: April 18, 2012

    Would You Like To Have Fun While Blasting off that Stubborn Body Fat?     Well You Can With Boot Camp Style Fitness Training!     No Fancy Home Fitness Equipment No Expensive Gym Memberships No Fad Diets, Pills, Shakes or Powders Boot Camp: Burn TONS Of calories reduce stress lose weight increase energy Build confidence and friendships Work your WHOLE body in a short period of time Challenges you to push outside your comfort zone WHO: Men, Women & Children Who Want To Lose Weight & Get In Shape WHAT: Exercise Training Program Focusing On Body Fat Loss WHY: Lose Body Fat, Drop Pounds, Become Healthier, Have Fun, Meet Friends WHEN: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6 am, 6:45 am, ...

  • Flexibility for Fitness

    Date: April 18, 2012

    More so than any other aspect of fitness, flexibility is generally misunderstood or pursued improperly. Stretching is the most likely area of fitness that will be left out of a program or given inadequate time, even though most people know they should stretch. I should know, for about the first 20 years of my weight training I rarely stretched. Sure I was always careful to warm-up properly, but stretching was never important to me, until I got hurt, back in 1999! So I’ve learned the hard way that you have to stay flexible, if you want to avoid future problems ...

  • Do You Believe?

    Date: April 18, 2012

    Have you finally decided that enough is enough? Are you planning on joining the countless number of people who are trying to lose weight. Tired of feeling run down and having to buy the next size up in clothes you are determined to lose the weight, this time for sure. Never mind the fact that you have tried ten times before, this time it’s going to be different, this time you are going to do it! Well, the fact is some will lose that weight but the sad truth is that most won’t! Why? It comes down to belief or ...

  • My Favorite 15 Minute Meal!

    Date: April 18, 2012

    The hardest part of the preparation is preheating the oven! Pizza is my favorite meal with all of its veggies and....oops I think I've gone on long enough of this charade. Of course it's not pizza unless you don't care about gaining fat, instead of losing it. My apologies if no one else found that amusing. Now on to my favorite meal, honest. It is a home made chicken salad. Sorry no fancy name but I think you will love it just the same. Before I go on any further I want to throw in a disclaimer.  This meal contains cocunut ...

  • The Many Benefits of Exercise for the Older Adult

    Date: April 18, 2012

    Aging affects all systems of the body. Research and science have proven that people do not grow too old to exercise, but rather grow old from lack of exercise. The effects of exercise are beneficial to every system in your body. The cardiovascular system will benefit from exercise, your body’s work capacity will increase, resting heart rate will decrease, total cholesterol will decrease, HDL cholesterol will increase, there will be a decrease in blood pressure and an increase in oxygen consumption. The benefits seen in the respiratory system with exercise are decrease in minute ventilation, increase in vital capacity and ...

  • Why is it so Difficult to Stay on Track?

    Date: April 18, 2012

    Just this afternoon I was screaming inside my head WHYYYY!? I was talking to myself as usual, this time not out loud (now that’s unusual). Frustrated by the fact that I didn’t want to do my upcoming workout and to make matters worse was that I wanted to pig out on junk food (my mother-in-law offering me doughnuts didn’t help). It’s not like I’m even on a strict diet or anything, I don’t have any contests coming up and I’m pretty liberal with my food choices, so why the heavy cravings for junk food, what gives? It didn’t have anything ...

  • 10 Reasons why you should be on a fitness program if you have osteoarthritis!

    Date: April 18, 2012

    Burns more calories and makes weight control easier Strengthens bones Strengthens muscles protecting the joints Gives range of motion to stiff joints Relieves stress associated with osteoarthritis Increases energy Relieves stress from aching joints Improves muscle flexibility Helps you sleep better Increases well being as you take active measures to protect your joints.

  • Resistance Training for a Longer, Healthier Life!

    Date: April 18, 2012

    By a show of hands, who reading this wants to live longer, have less aches and pains, have more energy and overall just feel darn great! I know that I do. Oh and I forgot to mention, burn more fat, build more muscle and have a faster metabolism? Well hopefully you raised your hand mentaly at least. Because in this article I am going to show you that at any age from 9 to 99 you can and should be on a resistance-training program. There are just so many wonderful benefits that result from it. The benefits seen in the muscular ...

  • Sample Workout for Healthy Older Adult

    Date: April 18, 2012

    The sample workout that I have described here is for a vibrant, young 56 year-old woman we’ll call Crystal. She has noticed a gradual increase in her bodyweight over the last few years, which she is concerned about. She has seen her doctor and is cleared to start an exercise program. (As always please get medical clearance before starting any physical fitness program.) The following program will be excellent for Crystal for the following reasons:  It is going to focus on resistance training because that what she needs to develop her declining strength and declining basal metabolic rate.  It will start out in ...

  • Fat Loss Fitness Seminar Part 1

    Date: April 18, 2012

    The number one reason people attend a fitness seminar is to learn how to lose weight. All the other reasons pale in comparison. However I am not interested in helping you learn how to lose weight, I’m interested in helping you learn how to loose the excess fat. You know what I’m talking about that spare tire hanging around your belly or those mash potatoes hanging off your thighs. You see weight in reality is not the bad guy, it’s the ugly fat that is. So what I am going to teach you here is the absolute best way to ...

  • Fat Loss Fitness Seminar Part 2

    Date: April 18, 2012

    In part 1 of this series we discussed the seriousness of how stress not only underminds the body's ability to lose unwanted body fat, but also to cause it to rapidly gain the nasty fat!   So once we can get the stress management under control we can move on to the exercise and diet portion of the program. Now for these two physically oriented action parts to work we must realize that our mind plays an extremely crucial role here. The most important point I hope that you take home with you is that getting fit is a mind game. Yes ...

  • Fat Loss Fitness Seminar Part 3

    Date: April 18, 2012

    OK now that we’ve got our stress under control, and we’ve got the right mindset in place, which is essential for success in our new fitness lifestyle, we are now ready for the fun part, TRAINING! By the way I didn’t mention this earlier, but you should be incorporating at the minimum 3 of stress management techniques for at least 2 weeks, to help get your cortisol levels down, before you start training. Let’s start with cardiovascular training, very important for the heart, and excellent for burning off calories, if done correctly. This part of the program must be done very ...

  • Fat Loss Fitness Seminar Part 4

    Date: April 18, 2012

    I’ve saved the best for last the “diet”. You know folks I hate that word, I honestly do. Because diet implies restriction, it sends out warning signals to your brain that it’s going to be deprived! Have you ever noticed that as soon as you mention the word diet you automatically start craving some kind of sweets for me it’s cookies, lots and lots of cookies. That’s why I prefer to call this part of the regiment the nutritional program. It’s all about being educated, that’s all. I know I’ve been where you are. I have succumbed to the ‘cookie ...

  • What is the Right Way to Eat, Anyway?

    Date: April 18, 2012

    Probably the most controversial aspect of loosing weight is the nutritional component of the equation a.k.a. the diet. It may be one of the most feared words in America today. Diet! Just the mention of the word sends chills down your spine, your feet start turning cold and you begin to break out in a cold sweat. I know I hate the word Diet! Why is that? Is it because we think we’re going to starve ourselves or worse spend half the day counting calories! Maybe it’ll be too painful because we believe we can’t have the foods we like. Maybe ...

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